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20.Apr.2014 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Beta test for AirPort-Extreme driver
Frank 'pega-1' Mariak has written a MorphOS driver for Apple-computers with integrated WLAN-support (screenshot from April 1st), which will be released together with MorphOS 3.6. If you are interested in a beta test, you offer your help.

The Broadcom-based WLAN-chipsets are supported by "AirPort Extreme" and "AirForce One 54g" (they are shown under ShowConfig with the manufacturer information $14E4 and the device numbers $4320 or $4318). According to Andreas Wolf, it is the following Apple-computers, which work under MorphOS:
  • eMac: all
  • iBook G4: all
  • PowerBook G4 Aluminium: all
  • Mac mini G4: all
  • PowerMac G4: FW800
  • PowerMac G5: all
As a kind of Easter gift and as tribute to the registration without working, integrated WLAN-solution, registered users with a compatible chipset can apply for the beta test of this b43-driver. Please use the following eMail address:

Please note, that it is a softwase to be tested and that the group of participants is limited - so it may happen that your application will be rejected. But by using MorphOS 3.6, you will get the finished driver. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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