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WinUAE: Proof of concept for PowerPC emulation
By its latest beta version, Toni Wilen enabled the Amiga emulator WinUAE 2.9.0 in principle to also emulate the Amiga PowerPC processor boards by phase 5 and run the "classic" flavor of AmigaOS 4.

This proof of concept has been done intentionally utilizing the processor core of PearPC for a quick check of feasibility. Due to its incompleteness and bugs, the author has to change for QEMU now, though. He writes:

"PearPC CPU emulator is a dead-end. Missing instructions, only partially emulated instructions, no support for integer overflows, division by zero, illegal instruction exceptions and so on... (Which means any buggy or badly behaving program can crash the emulator or hang or crash the emulated operating system.) It did its job, allowed easy and quick PPC emulation test. It would not have happened with any other more complex cores.

It seems most compatible PPC CPU emulation is in QEMU. Dolphin only has experimental MMU support which is not supported in JIT modes. But QEMU is complex, very complex...

What does this mean? It means all PPC CPU related bugs will be ignored until PPC CPU emulator core is replaced (timeframe: unknown); the only exception are bugs that didn't exist in beta version 10."

Download: (4 MB) (snx)

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