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01.May 2015
David Brunet (ANF)

New articles on Obligement website
During the last two months, several new articles have been added to the website of the French AmigaOS and MorphOS magazine Obligement. Translations into other languages are very welcome. If you are interested then please contact David 'Daff' Brunet.
  • March/April 2015 news.
  • Old articles from Amiga News 69 to 71: Review of DICE Pro 3.0, Hardware: Warp Engine 4028, Review of SAS C 6.50, Review of Scala MM300, Review of TVPaint 3.0, Report: Amiga at CERN, Hardware: Amiga 4000/040LC, Review of Imagine 3.0, File: History of computer science, etc.
  • Interview with Laurent Parisot (founder of Amiga Rescue Team).
  • Interview with Gary Peake (member of Amiga Inc., from 2000).
  • Review of Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold.
  • Review of Shell 53.15 from AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition.
  • Review of SMTube.
  • Review of Flight Of The Amazon Queen.
  • Report: Amiga in north american schools.
  • Programmation: Assembleur (remake of Shadow Of The Beast).
  • DIY: plug an external screen on PowerBook G4.
  • Tutorial: how to crack the game Deliverance.
  • Tutorial: how to crack the game Rick Dangerous 2.
  • Tutorial: configuration of X-bEnCh.
  • Special quizz about RPG.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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