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New "Commodore" trademark for Smartphones opposed (Update 2)
A few months ago, Massimo Canigiani from Italy started presenting himself as the alleged new owner of the Commodor trademark. His newly established British based "Commodore Business Machines Ltd." was going to sell Commodore Smartphones to retro enthusiasts.

But Canigiani didn't actually acquire the existing trademark, he simply tried to have a new one registered - his application is available publicly in the European trademark database. As of today, the status of his application has changed - it is now listed as "Application opposed".

The opposing party is the dutch C= Holdings, the current owner of the original Commodore trademark.

Update: (13.08.2015, 0:20, cg)

Now C= Holdings is also addressing this matter in a press release: The company announces the intention to defend its rights "vigorously".

Update 2: (16.08.2015, 17:00, cg)

Yesterday, Cloanto - owner of the copyright of most software released by Commodore and Amiga - issued a press release aswell, stating that Canigiani is not in a position to include software emulations of old Commodore computers with his smartphone since he does not have a license for the required firmware. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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