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ACube und A-EON: PPC motherboard A1222 "Tabor" revealed
The hardware vendors ACube and A-EON seem to have established a partnership: during the German "Amiga 30" event, a new PPC motherboard named "A1222" or "Tabor" was discussed for the first time. There are no official statements yet, but the information that has reached us so far suggests the following specifications:
  • Dualcore 1,2Ghz, CPU not known yet
  • 8Gb DDR 3 RAM
  • MiniITX form factor
  • price between 700 and 1000 Euro
Two pictures that were posted to the italian Amiga portal show the actual motherboard aswell as printed manuals for installing Linux on the "A1222":

Update: (11.10.15, 18:00, cg)

According to visitors of the "Amiga 30" event, a QorIQ P1022 is used as Tabor's CPU. This processor is equipped with a FPU that is incompatible to that of most other Power CPUs - especially those used in AmigaOS 4 hardware. Apparently, emulating a 'regular' FPU in software is possible - though having to perform all floating point calculations in software would drastically reduce performance in some areas (graphics, sound, 3D). (cg)

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