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05.Jan.2016 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: MiniHollyEdit NG 1.0
MiniHollyEdit NG written by the French programmer 'ArtBlink' is an editor for the programming language Hollywood, which itself is implemented in Hollywood using the plugins MUI Royale and GLGalore (screenshot). At least Hollywood version 4.5 is required.

  • Multi editor tabs
  • Mono Multi Window window
Preferences options
  • The default scripts directory
  • The name of the default scripts
  • the language (French or English)
  • Graphic theme among 6 topics
  • Do not open the "About" at the start of MHE
  • Enable / disable Hollywood completion of commands (not MuiRoyale nor GLGalore)
  • Choose your favorite to open calculator to help you in your scripting
  • Select your drawing program (eg opens PPaint to create or modify your sprites)
  • Select your music software (eg opens Digibooster to create music for your program)
  • Activate default systems for which you want to compile your / your script (s)
  • Activate the crushing demand for security compile file
  • Enable compression of your executable
Script execution options
  • View Hollywood resources Monitor
  • Enable / disable resizing the execution window
  • Turn on / off the edges of the execution window
  • Enable / disable resizing the content of the execution window
Editor Features
  • Cut / Copy / Paste / Undo / Redo / Search Up and down
  • Update cursor coordinates
  • You can change the line and column number to jump to the line / desired column (press Enter / Return to validate)
  • Hollywood command completion window
  • Window with all your Personal function ()
  • Skips by double clicking on the function in the list on the right line in the editor
Online Help
  • Button to open all the guides
  • Window attributes MuiRoyale
  • Listing orders Hollywood / MuiRoyale / GLgalore
  • Insert double click on Help in your script
  • Quick help with the attributes of Hollywood and commands GLGalore
  • Buttons specific aids to open the guide directly to the control display
Download: MHEOS4.lha (2 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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