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Thorsten Schölzel (ANF)

Toni Wilen is working on WinUAE adaptions for AmigaOS 4
The WinUAE programmer Toni Wilen currently is working on an improved integration of AmigaOS 4 in WinUAE. The goal is to adapt as many parts as possible of the native infrastructure (uaehf.device, UAEGFX) provided by the emulator to the PPC operating system - and to give up slower emulation of real hardware e.g. the SCSI-controller of the Cyberstorm, the Picasso 4 graphic board or network and sound cards which were needed up to now.

A first and early trial version Wilen now has made available. It is possible to include directories as harddrives and HDF-images are supported. Some more details:

Currently supported UAE devices:
  • Directory harddrives
  • uaehf.device (hardfiles). HD_SCSICMD is NOT supported yet
Supported but not tested:
  • uae.resource
  • Some "uaelib" functions
Not yet supported (lots more work needed):
  • uaegfx
  • bsdsocket.library
  • uaenative.library
  • clipboard sharing
  • uaescsi.device
  • uaenet.device
  • virtual mouse driver
  • on the fly directory harddrive changes
  • And everything else that was not mentioned
In order to enable the trap system, in the configuration file the line "uaeboard=full+indirect" has to be added. The new features has not been completely optimised and therefore are not faster than the previous SCSI-emulation. Additionally a computer with at least three processor cores is recommended.

Toni Wilen emphasised that he himself is not intersted in an improved PPC-emulation and that therefore donations for this project would be the greatest motivation. If you are interested in further adaptions of WinUAE to AmigaOS 4, then a donation via Paypal is very welcome.

Hint of the editorial staff: So far Wilen has not said anything about the limitation of the RAM - AmigaOS 4 currently recognizes maximal 128 MB RAM under UAE. In theory this limitation could be raised to 256 MB, if a CyberstormPPC would not have been emulated (due to the SCSI-controller) and the emulator could present itself as BlizzardPPC .

Direct download: winuae_OS4UAE.7z (3 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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