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OS4Depot-Uploads until 13.02.2016
The following archives have been added to OS4Depot until February 13th, 2016:
drawergad.lha            dev/lib 176kb 4.0 A gadget to display directories ...
picflowgad.lha           dev/lib 15kb  4.0 Display picture strips in a GUI
radiobuttonxgad.lha      dev/lib 78kb  4.0 Radiobutton gadget expanded
textfont_ex.lha          doc/tut 12kb  4.0 TextFont examples
hatari.lha               emu/com 2Mb   4.1 Atari ST and STE emulator
koules.lha               gam/act 228kb 4.0 Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
amigaracer.lha           gam/dri 72Mb  4.1 A Lotus Turbo Challenge game alike
googledrive_handler.lha  net/mis 1Mb   4.0 Google Drive handler for OS4
amivnc4.lha              net/ser 160kb 4.0 VNC server for AmigaOS4
exutil.lha               uti/mis 2Mb   4.0 An exif based batch renamer
showfiles.lha            uti/she 37kb  4.0 shows a sorted & text-format...
wheelrun.lha             uti/wor 2Mb   4.1 another program launcher written...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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