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Kris (ANF)

MiST: FPGA-AGA-Core 1.2
For the Atari/Amiga clone MiST ( reported) an update of the emulated Amiga with AGA-support has been released which further increases the compatibility.

Changes in version 1.2:
  • Initial implementation of programmable display modes
  • OSD HRTmon enable/disable switch is working (ON – F11 acts as NMI and enters HRTmon; OFF – F11 is HELP key)
  • Proper handling of CPU access to Chip-RAM & custom regs – CPU waits for free slot when turbo option is disabled
  • Fixed playfield 2 color LUT offset when playfield 2 has priority for OCS/ECS modes
  • Some IRQ changes
  • Added support for undocumented Agnus/Denise behaviour when BPL=7 in ECS/OCS mode (fixes demos like SushiBoyz by Ghostown, Sliced&Diced by Dekadence etc.)
  • Blitter line mode fixed (fixes demos like SushiBoyz & Sunglasses by Ghostown, Vectorize by RSi etc.)
  • Bitfield instructions fixed, barrel shifter implemented by Till Harbaum
  • Fixed colortable for sprites (bplxor) – fixes Alien Breed 3D (and probably many others)
  • Fixed keyboard rate
  • Kickstart-ROM is also uploaded to mirror position (E0)
  • Fixed reset problems & Fast-RAM disappearing
  • Added CPU CACR cache control, fixed reading CACR reg
  • Added scanlines for non-doublescan config
  • Fixed video dithering – both spatial & random dithering weren’t working properly
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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