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File manager: Tasko (update)
"Tasko" written by Andreas G. Szabo offers any number of directory windows you like. Between them, you can copy files with drag&drop - for each new directory window, just start Tasko once again. The current release is called a "release candidate", which probably includes bugs. So far you cannot delete empty directories.


Tasko requires AmigaOS  3.0 or higher. The author recommends at least AmigaOS 3.5. The screennotify.library is supported, that means if the Workbench is supposed to be closed or opened, Tasko immediately responds.

Download: (176 KB)

Update: (03.03.2016, 06:00, cg)

Meanwhile the sixth "release candidate" is available. According to Andreas G. Szabo "now the files list is only refreshed when the dir reading is ready. However you can turn back on the live-refresh in the menu settings. I also changed the live-refresh method and it perhaps now performs better." Additional changes:
  • Only one lister is read/refreshed at a time.
  • Initial bookmarks feature added, drag dirs or volumes into the bookmarks list (turn it on in the settings menu).
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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