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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Assembler and Linker: vasm 1.7e and vlink 0.15a
Frank Wille has released updates for the assembler vasm and its corresponding linker vlink.

Changes in vasm 1.7e:
  • Ability to print the source line also in output module error messages.
  • Current PC symbol in absolute code regions was erroneously relocated to the section's base address.
  • Make sure that labels from absolute code regions are not relocated.
  • m68k: Fix for a bug introduced in last version: fmovem list,(An) and fmovem list,(d,An) were no longer recognized as valid for M68k FPUs.
  • PPC: Fixed mtvscr instruction, which uses the vB field instead of vD.
  • ARM: Accept the new SVC mnemonic as an alias for SWI.
  • ARM: Fixed macros. Previously only three characters for a macro name were allowed. Qualifiers are not allowed on ARM macros.
  • std-syntax: Permit the '$' as start character and in the middle of a label (note: a terminating '$' still defines a local label!).
  • std-syntax: A missing last macro argument no longer causes an error message, but is replaced by a default value (when defined) or an empty string.
  • std-syntax: .org directive defines the offset from the current section's start address when it appears within a section (GNU-as compatibility).
  • mot-syntax: ORG directive can be used within any normal section to define a block of code relocated to an absolute start address.
  • mot-syntax: Numeric absolute symbol expansion is supported for macro parameters of the form \<symbol> or \<$symbol> (hexadecimal value).
  • madmac-syntax: Removed the -rorg option, which is the default behaviour now.
  • oldstyle-syntax: The special macro argument \@ is replaced by an underscore, followed by a six-digit number again, as before V1.7c.
  • tos-output: Check for overflows in relocation fields.
  • aout-output: Fixed a crash since last version, when embedding absolute code regions in a section.
Changes in vlink 0.15a:
  • New option -mrel instructs the linker to merge all sections with PC-relative references between them. This was done automatically in previous versions, but makes no sense for most targets
  • New option -hunkattr, which assigns memory attributes to an input section name. The memory attributes of all those input sections will be overwritten
  • (elf) Introduced the new target "elf32jag", an unofficial ELF target for the Atari Jaguar RISC CPU
  • (ados/ehf) Read/write extended memory attributes (0xc0000000 in hunk type or size). Extended attributes in object files seem inofficial, but supported by vasm now
  • (ados/ehf) Allow memory flags with HUNK_PPC_CODE in object files
  • (ados/ehf) Support HUNK_RELRELOC32 in executables (since OS3.0)
  • (a.out) Fixed pc-relative relocations in relocatable object file output
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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