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02.May.2016 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: "Enhancer Software" updates system files and tools
In a press release A-EON has announced the availability of the software bundle "Enhancer Software". In the late 1980s Commodore did sell OS-updates for AmigaOS 1.x - obviously A-EON tries to avoid using the name "OS-update": Enhancer Software is a collection of tools, commodities, classes, datatypes and library "with the aim of enhancing the AmigaOS experience". Included are:

Drivers and file systems:
  • Warp3D Nova: pre-release, inclusive free updates
  • RadeonHD-Treiber: Adapted for Nova in version v1 or v2, depending on the desired edition
  • SmartFilesystem 2
  • X-Dock: A new dock
  • updated version of AmiDVD
  • MultiEdit: New text editor featuring tabs
  • MultiViewer 2.2: Among others image thumbnails added
  • updated version of the partition wizard
  • TuneNet: updated version, the user-interface now supports "4.1 FE features", the new classes InfoWindow and Progressbar (s.b.) are used. Only available as part of the Enhancer Software.
  • CANDI: Different versions, depending on the desired edition
  • InfoWindow Tool
  • Updated version of the notification system Ringhio: Sound and colorwheel support, individual app configuration, several bug fixes
  • Format with SFS-support
  • ClipViewer: A clipboard manager
  • Exchanger: A commodity and application manager which can show, hide (iconify) or quit programms, display the Workbench information requester for the particular program or which can enable and disable commodities
  • RequestChooser: Shows a text - e.g. a software licence - "in a scrollable window and obtain a response via standard requester buttons"
Gadgets and classes:
  • InfoWindow class
  • Optionbutton gadget class
  • PieChart gadget class
  • ProgressBar gadget class
  • SharedImage class
  • SimpleHTML Datatype
"Enhancer Software" is available in two editions. The cheaper version is delivered with a limited version of CANDI (four animated Workbench backgrounds and the first generation of the RadeonHD driver). For an additional charge the full versions of CANDI as well as the latest version of the RadeonHD driver can be purchased.

According to an user the standard version can be purchased for 51.35 Euro, the "plus"-edition is available for 62.40 Euro. If you have already purchased single parts of the bundle, you will get a discount on the Appstore. In this regard the shop system still seems to have some technical problems.

Soon Amiga Enhancer is supposed to be sold in a box. A version for AmigaOS 3 also was announced. Further information are available in A-EONs new Wiki under As you can see there, the logo of now is used for commercial products like the Enhancer Software. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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