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10.Aug.2016 (Webseite)

Vampire 500: First pictures of FPGA-accelerator board for A500/A2000
Simo Koivukoski has published some first pictures of the Vampire accelerator board for A500/2000 at Google+. The board "will sit on place of your original CPU" or can be plugged into the CPU-slot of an Amiga 2000 using an adapter platine which is also delivered.

According to a short review from the CommVEX 2016 (Las Vegas), Jim Drew (ex Microcode Solutions, e.g. iFusion) is the "North American Rep" and presented a working Vampire 500 running, as he said, at 234 Mhz. He also said that "the Vampire 1200 would be released around Christmas".

Similar to the Vampire 600, the Vampire 500 provides a separate graphic chip, which under AmigaOS can be used as graphic board. The pricing has been set at 150 Euro. According to the official website, the board has the following features:
  • 128MB FastRAM
  • Digital video output
  • Fast IDE-port
  • SD-card for HDD storage
  • 64 bit core, full 32 bit compatibility
  • directly update core from Amiga without need for external programmer
  • FPU and 16 bit audio is planned for future updates
Obviously the board can be only purchased from the Canadian "kipper2k". Concerning the Vampire 600, there were long waiting periods between the order and the delivery. Besides, the Canadian seemed to ignore inquiries via email up to this moment, when he could deliver the board to the customer. But obviously all ordered boards were delivered without any defects. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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