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22.Sep.2016 (Webseite)

Assembler: vasm 1.7f
Frank Wille has released an update of the assembler vasm. As usual Wille does not provide vasm binaries except with the vbcc compiler distribution. If you are interested in, you have to compile the assembler on your own. Changes in version 1.7f:
  • Print a warning when a constant is not representable using the target data type.
  • Show warnings or errors when an expression overflows the backend's address data types.
  • Warn about overflows caused by negative expressions in space directives.
  • New option -chklabels makes vasm issue a warning when a label conflicts with a mnemonic or directive name.
  • Reworked internal relocation representation.
  • m68k: Base-displacement addressing modes and suppressed registers are allowed for CPU32. Just memory-indirect is illegal.
  • m68k: Added FJcc mnemonics for GNU-as compatibility (-gas option).
  • PPC: Added complete support for 403, 405, 440, 460, Book-E, e300 and e500 instruction sets.
  • 6800: Fixed a bug which suppressed command line options for syntax- and output-modules.
  • 6800: Support for 6801/6803 compatible CPUs added (contributed by Adrien Destugues).
  • ARM: Thumb-mode [PC,#imm] and [SP,#imm] addressing modes were not recognized.p ARM: Fixed thumb-mode SP-adjustment instructions: ADD SP,#<9-bit unsigned> and SUB SP,#<9-bit unsigned> (missing).
  • ARM: External subroutine calls in thumb-mode with BL were broken.
  • x86: Fixed determining the operation size when last register is %DX.
  • x86: 32-bit only instructions failed, when selecting a 32-bit cpu using the -m command line option.
  • x86: Avoid Illegal Relocation error for calls and jumps in absolute mode.
  • std-syntax: Data directives do no longer enforce natural alignment, for compatibility with GNU-as! Use the -align option to keep the old behaviour.
  • std-syntax: '0f' is another allowed float-constant prefix for GNU-as compatibility.
  • std-syntax: .stabs should support escape-characters in its string-field.
  • std-syntax: Support progbits and nobits section type arguments for ELF compatibility.
  • mot-syntax: Retain the possibility to use multiple ORG directives and output a real binary file, as before V1.7e. Only an ORG directive after a SECTION directive is now relocated within that section.
  • mot-syntax: Added IFMI (=IFLT) and IFPL (=IFGE).
  • mot-syntax: Fixed problems when macro arguments are followed by blanks and the -spaces option is given.
  • mot-syntax: New directives inline and einline, to define an isolated block for local labels.
  • mot-syntax: New directives ifmacrod and ifmacrond to conditionally assemble a block when a macro is defined or undefined (compatible with the same directives on the Barfly assembler).
  • madmac-syntax: Make ORG behave like in mot-syntax.
  • vobj-output: The byte-offset to a relocation now always defines the base for all relocation calculations (e.g. PC-relative).
  • vobj-output: For little-endian the bit position in a byte of a reloc-field is now counted from right to left. You will need at least vlink V0.15b to link more complex little-endian relocations (e.g. ARM).
  • hunk-output: -keepempty prevents the assembler from deleting empty sections.
  • elf-output: -keepempty prevents the assembler from deleting empty sections.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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