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Preview: Run'n Gun "Blazing Guns"
"Blazing Guns" (Youtube-Video) is a platform game, in which a Western hero first has to load six bullets in the revolver and then to chase enemies.

Currently the game has the following features:
  • runs with 50 frames per second
  • written in assembler
  • runs with 0.5 MB CHIP-Ram
  • runs from both floppy drive and hard drive
  • solution of 320x267 pixels with 32 colours
The following features will be added:
  • running on each OCS-Amiga with 0,5 MB RAM and without accelerator board (currently a 030 processor and a harddrive are recommended)
  • 15-20 enemies simultanously appearing on the screen
  • music and sound effects
  • Power-Ups
Direct download: guns.adf (880 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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