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01.Nov.2016 (Webseite)

ModExplorer 0.9b for all Amiga systems
Similar to AmiModRadio, the Hollywood-programm ModExplorer plays music modules from the Internet but also supports the Aminet, Modland and
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • The GUI was slightly changed. Now it should fit (with the corresponding MUI options) on a screen with simple PAL solution. The author himself even could handle a solution of 390*241.
  • The ARexx-port was expanded and a little Doc explains the commands
  • A button "last" was added. If you should forget pressing the button in time while streaming (the playlist is not updated with new songs utomatically), you can get to the "last" mod which was downloaded.
  • Skin-GUI was completely removed
  • In order to reduce the download time, the archive does not contain any executables any more.

Main archive: modexplorer.lha (1 MB)
OS3-Executable: me_os3.exe (2,3 MB)
OS4-Executable: me_os4.exe (3,1 MB)
MOS-Executable: me_mos.exe (2,4 MB)
AROS-Executable: me_aros.exe (2,8 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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