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27.Mar.2017 (Webseite) announced English magazine "Amiga User"
The publisher is more focused on the English-language market. After an AMIGA OS 3.9 User's manual, an English-language printed magazine is supposed to be published.

The first issue "Amiga User 0/2017" will be delivered in July and features 90 pages, which will be printed in colour. The digital version is available for 4 Euro, a printed magazine for 9 Euro plus shipping, which also includes a free download of the e-book.

Topics of the first issue:
  • practical design in MaxonCAD
  • the fastest hardware for Amiga system
  • how to create legendary Boing animation in Hollywood
  • E-UAE and really smooth scrolling
  • better Workbench on Amiga 500
  • strategy games review
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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