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Aminet-Uploads until 08.04.2017
The following archives have been added to the Aminet until April 8th, 2017:    comm/mail  5.9M  x86 Html Enhancer for YAM
links-mos.lha            comm/www   6.3M  MOS Links text-only WWW browser w...
Overlay.tgz              dev/asm    4K        Old ASM source demonstrating ...
cc65-morphos.lha         dev/cross  12M   MOS ANSI C 6502 cross development...
HWP_AHX.lha              dev/hwood  130K  WOS Hollywood plugin for AHX/Hive...
HWP_AVCodec.lha          dev/hwood  6.4M  WOS Hollywood plugin for FFmpeg c...
HWP_HTTPStreamer.lha     dev/hwood  74K   MOS Stream HTTP files with Hollywood
HWP_SQLite3.lha          dev/hwood  952K  WOS Hollywood plugin for SQL data...
minipicolisp.i386-aro... dev/lang   137K  x86 A minimal version of PicoLisp
abackup_src.lha          disk/bakup 540K      ABackup source code
atoms_halibut.lha        game/think 70K   68k Atoms type game
atoms_halibut_src.lha    game/think 230K      Atoms (Halibut) source code
Greedium.lha             game/wb    861K  MOS A small mui game about numbers
RNOAnim_OS4.lha          gfx/show   2.2M  OS4 Animation player, converter, ...
VICE-AmigaOS4-3.0.lha    misc/emu   27M   OS4 Emul. c64(dtv),c128,pet,cbm2,...
VICE-i386-AROS-3.0.ta... misc/emu   21M   x86 Emul. c64(dtv),c128,pet,cbm2,...
lhasa-0.3.1.lha          util/arc   53K   68k Free Software LHA implementation
1TouchMac_src.lha        util/boot  28K       1TouchMac source code
LoadModule.lha           util/boot  19K   68k Install Libs/Devs reset-proof
smd2bin_src.lha          util/conv  14K       smd2bin source code
Hexaco.lha               util/wb    32K   68k Color values as hex/dec/... (...
TTManager_src.lha        util/wb    61K       TTManager source code
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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