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MorphOS: Word processing software Folio (beta version)
"Folio is a technical proof of concept that leverages the sophisticated Webkit layout engine included in the Odyssey Web Browser to provide a modern word processing tool that fulfills most common needs. Its current feature set and capabilities are comparable to those found in Microsoft WordPad and Apple TextEdit." Due to a bug of version 1.24 of Odyssey, version 1.23 has to be installed as well and Folio to be opened there. An Internet connection is not required.

Known problems:
  • Saving files opens a blank window hiding the editor, which needs to be closed manually.
  • File names need to be entered inside the MorphOS file requester every time you save a document regardless of whether you previously entered a file name or not.
  • Dragging images around inside the document can duplicate images. For moving around images, it is recommended to cut out images and then paste them after you position the text cursor via mouse or keyboard.
  • When you use the "pop up" button in the toolbar to run Folio in its own window, you will still see a tab bar even though it is technically redundant.
Download: (435 KB)
owb-morphos-1.23.lha (26 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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