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AROS: Weekly progresses (since 11.07.2017)
Last week's progress in development of the open-source AmigaOS clone AROS includes updates of some programs and bug fixes.
  • Multiple compiler warnings fixed (neil)
  • Use unified vapor.h header for morphos ports (wawa)
  • Multiple compiler warnings fixed (wawa)
  • Alternative repository for NetPBM added (neil)
  • Zune test code enhanced (neil)
  • VPDF fixes (neil)
  • ReadArgs parameters adapted to OS3 API (neil)
  • New Zunepaint port started (mazze)
  • Potrace updated to v1.14 (mazze)
  • ZuneView updated to v0.37 (mazze)
  • BWBasic updated to v3.20 (mazze)
  • Rocks'n'diamonds updated to v4.0.0.2 (mazze)
  • Cflow updated to v1.5 (mazze)
  • Antiword fixes (mazze)
  • Zunepaint working in m68k now (wawa)
  • Milkytracker for m68k fixes (wawa)
  • GnuRobbo updated to v0.68 (mazze)
  • Gnujump updated to v.10.8 (mazze)
  • Fixed possible indefinite loop in iffparse.library (o1i)
  • Grub2 configure fix (mazze)
  • Doom GGC6 fixes (mazze)
  • Fix for a potential division by zero crash in CoW3D (mazze)
  • FryingPan fixes (mazze)
  • Many Scout 64 bit fixes (mazze)
  • Scout m68k fixes (wawa)
  • Spout 64 bit crash fixed (mazze)
  • NList GGC6 workaround (mazze)
  • Cardgame 64 bit crash fixed (mazze)
  • AmiChess fixes for 64 bit started (mazze)
  • ISWindow, MineField, Soliton 64 bit fixes (mazze)
  • Zune Toolbar class 64 bit fixes (mazze)
  • Zune Prefseditr class 64 bit fixes (mazze)
  • Identify.library path fix (mazze)
  • DiskSpeed fixes (wawa)
  • FryingPan m68k fixes (wawa)
  • MuiMine ported to 64 bit (mazze)
  • MuiMine m68k fix (wawa)
  • PCRE updated to v8.41 (mazze)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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