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Trademark disputes: yet another party wants to own "Amiga" (Update)
In the US and Germany, the registration for the "Amiga" trademark already expired. It's still a registered mark in the EU until May next year, but nobody really expects the current owner to ever do something with that registration again. As a result, Hyperion Entertainment (AmigaOS 4) and Cloanto (Amiga Forever) started fighting for various Amiga marks earlier this year.

Apparently, another competitor has entered the ring now: on August 30, somebody named Heinz-Alexander Drews applied to have the "Amiga" mark registered in his name at the German patent and trademark office. On the same day, using the same law firm, somebody -the applicant's personal details are not public yet - also filed an application for the same mark with the European Intellectual Property Office.

It's important to note that both the German and the European mark would collide with Amiga, Inc.'s existing EU trademark. In contrast to Cloanto - who only started the process to register the US "Amiga" mark in its name the day after Amiga Inc.'s original registration expired - Drews seems to count on the current owner of the mark not defending his IP - which gives him a head start, compared to other parties interested in inheriting the mark.

It's currently not clear if Heinz-Alexander Drews is connected to any companies or individuals in the Amiga market.

Update: (10.09.2017, 17:40, cg)

Another attempt at gaining control over some Amiga mark has been discovered: Back in march, Amikit-Developer Jn Zahurančk applied to have "Amiga" registered in his name in his home country Slovakia. The new application was published - i.e. approved - in early August. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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