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Web browser: IBrowse 2.5 presentations at AmiWest and Amiga32
For years the website of the MUI-based web browser IBrowse has published hints for a forthcoming version 2.5. But these hints only were little texts - and the program itself could not be purchased any longer since the exit of the last publisher IOSPIRIT. Therefore many Amiga users have lost faith in an update.

According to the IBrowse team, the forthcoming version 2.5 will be presented during the next weekends at the AmiWest and the Amiga32. Because many users cannot attend the events, the team has provided "a work-in-progress news summary page which lists the main new features and changes since IBrowse 2.4."

New features:
  • OS4 Native Version Added (OS4.1 Final Edition Required)
  • AmiSSL v4 Support
  • MUI 4.0 and 5.0 Support
  • Alpha Channel Support (OS4)
  • 4Gb+ File/Downloads (OS4)
  • OpenSearch support
Re-written features:
  • TextEditField Text Editor
  • Disk Cache clean up
Improved features:
  • JavaScript Engine
  • HTML Engine
  • HTTP Engine
  • Password Manager
  • Cookie support
  • Various GUI Elements
  • Internal Image Decoders
  • Memory Management
  • Bug Fixes
There are also detailed information to the respective points on the IBrowse website. About the HTML Engine it is said: "The existing HTML4 engine has been enhanced, with improved support for more tags and attributes, as well as being compatible with more sites. Redraw speeds of background images containing transparency has been greatly improved."

The FAQ and the Changelog have been updated as well. It is neither said anything about a possible date of release nor about a commercial sale of the program. According to the FAQ it "has yet to be decided" if the IBrowse 2.5 update will be available for free. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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