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OS4Depot-Uploads until 18.11.2017
The following archives have been added to the OS4Depot until November 18th, 2017:
lame.lha                 aud/rec 1Mb   4.0 Lame MP3 encoder
libmp3lame.lha           dev/lib 1Mb   4.0 MP3 LAME encoding engine
libogg.lha               dev/lib 313kb 4.0 lib for handling OGG files
libopus.lha              dev/lib 4Mb   4.0 Audio codec for speech and music
libfreetype.lha          dev/lib 2Mb   4.0 A Free, High-Quality, and Portab...
libjpeg.lha              dev/lib 4Mb   4.0 Lib for handling JPEG images
libpng.lha               dev/lib 2Mb   4.0 Lib for handling PNG files
libsdl_image.lha         dev/lib 1Mb   4.0 SDL image file loading library
libsdl_ttf.lha           dev/lib 1Mb   4.0 A Freetype 2.0 wrapper for SDL
libsdl2_image.lha        dev/lib 1Mb   4.0 SDL2 image file loading library
libsdl2_ttf.lha          dev/lib 2Mb   4.0 A Freetype 2.0 wrapper for SDL2
libtiff.lha              dev/lib 3Mb   4.0 Lib for handling Tag Image File ...
libvpx.lha               dev/lib 2Mb   4.0 WebM VP8/VP9 Codec library
libwebp.lha              dev/lib 8Mb   4.0 lib for handling WebP images
libxvidcore.lha          dev/lib 682kb 4.0 Add XviD support to your app
libopenssl.lha           dev/lib 6Mb   4.0 The open source toolkit for SSL/TLS
libx264.lha              dev/lib 3Mb   4.0 H.264/AVC encoder
libz.lha                 dev/lib 219kb 4.0 libZ / zlib / z library (.a/.so)
amiarcadia.lha           emu/gam 5Mb   4.0 Signetics-based machines emulator
abkviewer.lha            gra/vie 324kb 4.1 ABKViwer show AMOS Sprites in a ...
libxml2.lha              lib/xml 7Mb   4.0 The XML C parser and toolkit of ...
ftpd.lha                 net/ser 844kb 4.1 FTPdaemon v2.2 for AmigaOS 4
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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