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Aminet-Uploads until 23.12.2017
The following archives have been added to the Aminet until December 23th, 2017:
dizzytorrent1.0b4.lha    comm/tcp   1.7M  68k Amiga 68k BitTorrent client
HWP_XAD.lha              dev/hwood  62K   MOS Hollywood plugin for xadmaste...
Lumberjack_Xmas.adf      game/actio 880K  68k Lumberjack Xmas
Bibarr.lha               game/wb    33K   68k Move all bars in the center hole
Pathos.lha               game/wb    32K   68k Make a path from entry to exit
amigamad-60.pdf          mags/misc  30M       English PDF magazine (fka #am...
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha        misc/emu   4.4M  MOS Signetics-based machines emul...
Vim_8.0-i386-aros.lha    text/edit  9.5M  x86 The ubiquitous text editor
Vim_8.0-mos.lha          text/edit  9.4M  MOS The ubiquitous text editor
Vim_8.0-src.lha          text/edit  14M       The ubiquitous text editor (s...
LoadModule.lha           util/boot  27K   68k Install Libs/Devs reset-proof
AmiTimeKeeper.i386-ar... util/cdity 103K  x86 Keep your time right
AmiTimeKeeper.lha        util/cdity 84K   68k Keep your time right
jpeg2000_dtc.lha         util/dtype 476K  OS4 JPEG 2000 (.j2k, .jp2) datatype
MMULib.lha               util/libs  717K  68k Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
MuMin.lha                util/libs  65K   68k Minimal MuLib archive for red...
AmigaMARK-morphos.lha    util/moni  1.1M  MOS AmigaMARK - Benchmark Suite
Dev-Handler.lha          util/sys   23K   68k Un*x like raw device access h...
tzdev.lha                util/time  691K      Time Zone Database and Librar...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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