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26.Dec.2017 (Webseite)

Hollywood-GUI: HGui 1.2
Fabio 'Allanon' Falcucci's HGui is a GUI system developed with Hollywood, which in contrary to MUI Royale is available for all platforms which support Hollywood ( reported) - although currently there are some limitations under Android.

  • Fix: There was missing parameters when the callback 'OnChange' for TreeView items was called
  • New: Added flag 'selectGroups' on TreeView class(default to True): if it is set to false the group items cannot be selected
  • Fix: ListView's :set() method. When using the special tag 'selected' to pass a single item to be selected (a numeric value), there was no check to see if the ListView was allowing 'multi-selection'. This was causing multiple selections on 'single-selection' ListViews using this specific tag
  • New: ListView -> Added method :Insert() to add a single record, this is an additional way to add items (see special tag 'insert' of the :set() method for further details)
  • New: ListView -> Added event 'OnInsert' raised when an item has been added to the ListView
  • Doc: Improved the HGui.Window:InputBoxNew(params) documentation
  • New: Added new method HGui.Gadget:freeChildren(refresh) to free all children attached to a gadget. This is usefull when you have to create gadget groups at runtime
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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