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Aminet-Uploads until 30.12.2017
The following archives have been added to the Aminet until December 30th, 2017:
dizzytorrent1.0b5.lha    comm/tcp   1.8M  68k Amiga 68k BitTorrent client
gopher.lha               comm/tcp   27K   68k Gopher client for AmiTCP
gcc-mos2wos.lha          dev/gcc    4.6M  MOS Make MorphOS GCC output WarpO...
ElseWeGetMad.lha         game/2play 1.2M  68k new fight Amiga game for 1 or...
ARLB.lha                 game/race  2.5M  MOS Show AmigaRacer highscores in...
CustJo2Songs.lha         mods/cust  12K       2 Modules composed by Jesper ...
CustJoAcon.lha           mods/cust  12K       A Module composed by Jesper O...
CustJoScrooge.lha        mods/cust  12K       A Module composed by Jesper O...          mods/kicko 1.2M      Backup of my hdrec and TnF tunes
DeliTracker234.lha       mus/play   39K   68k module player, minor update
AmiTimeKeeper.i386-ar... util/cdity 103K  x86 Keep your time right
pixman_lib.lha           util/libs  294K  OS4 Pixman-1 as an AmigaOS shared...
tzdev.lha                util/time  691K      Time Zone Database and Librar...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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