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OS4Depot-Uploads until 13.01.2018
The following archives have been added to the OS4Depot until January 13th, 2018:
hwplayer.lha             dev/mis 9Mb   4.0 Run applets created by Hollywood
libmaker.lha             dev/mis 197kb 4.1 GUI based library skeleton gener...
arabic_console_device... dri/inp 4Mb   4.1 An arabic console device, line &...
grafx2.lha               gra/edi 2Mb   4.1 Pixel paint program (like DPaint...
hwp_ahx.lha              lib/hol 130kb 4.0 Hollywood plugin for Abyss' High...
hwp_avcodec.lha          lib/hol 6Mb   4.0 Hollywood plugin for AVCodec
hwp_glgalore.lha         lib/hol 3Mb   4.0 Hollywood plugin for OpenGL
hwp_httpstreamer.lha     lib/hol 74kb  4.0 Hollywood plugin for video/audio...
hwp_malibu.lha           lib/hol 640kb 4.0 Run Scala presentations
hwp_muiroyale.lha        lib/hol 5Mb   4.0 Hollywood plugin for MUI GUIs
hwp_rapagui.lha          lib/hol 6Mb   4.0 Hollywood plugin for GUI creation
hwp_sqlite3.lha          lib/hol 952kb 4.0 Hollywood plugin for SQL databases
hwp_xad.lha              lib/hol 62kb  4.0 Allow to open archives using the...
hwp_zip.lha              lib/hol 301kb 4.0 read and write zip archives for ...
chocolatecastle.lha      lib/mui 156kb 4.1 the MUI custom class code generator
mcc_nlist.lha            lib/mui 2Mb   4.0 NList custom classes for MUI
smtube.lha               vid/pla 2Mb   4.1 Qt : direct stream + download Yo...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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