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FPGA: Apollo-Core-Update Gold 2.7 / SAGA driver 1.0
The Apollo core is a FPGA-reimplementation of Motorolas m68k-series, which also provides a separate graphic output called SAGA. Currently the core is used in the accelerator boards 600 V2 and 500 V2(+). Changes in the latest core "Gold 2.7":
  • Fast Hardware FPU (to play some games or Demos)
  • AMMX2 (to highly accelerate Video, Jpeg, Workbench, many games)
  • High performance Memory controller (Making your Vamp even faster now)
  • Workbench Hardware Sprite
  • Countless improvements
Currently the update can be installed using a special USB download cable from a Windows or Linux PC. A flash update which can be started from the Amiga will be available within the next days.

A new, AMMX2 optimized version of the P96 driver for SAGA has been released as well. Changes in SAGA driver 1.0:
  • Added VControl 1.1 (replace VampireTool)
  • Updated SAGA driver installer
  • Updated SDNet to 1.0 (Bax)
  • Improved VampireGFX performance with AMMX (Bax)
  • Complete VampireGFX driver rewrite in ASM (flype)

V500_GOLD2-7.jic (2 MB)
V600_GOLD2-7.jic (2 MB)
SAGADriver.v1.0.lha (106 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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