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Entwickler-X: Status update to jump'n run "Spencer"
On Thomas 'imagodespira' Claus, member of Entwickler-X, has published a status update to the jump'n run game "Spencer" which currently is in development:

Technically and graphically the game has been completed except for little things. The next step will be level testing and some game play adjustments for controlling gaming fun and level of difficulty (spreading items, the setting of the enemies, recreating bad levels). The website now is online, but the trailer and the links to the shops still will have been added.

Substantial parts of the engine, Frank has written simultaneously to the PC version. Despite of that it will take a while until the game can be released. As usual, the little OS specific parts take up time: Optimizations of the graphics (Warp3D Nova/ OpenGLES), avoiding problems (shader incompatibilities), joypad and sound.

The developers also have to check if Warp3D Nova + OpenGLES2 officially work with Spencer. Since Frank has been communicating with Hans and Daniel, the driver includes software parts which the official version does not.

Entwickler-X are really pleased to finally have Spencer completed. The first 3D game actually was a challenge and has prepared the ground for future projects.

This video shows the complete level 5 of the game. Other (hopefully also AmigaOS specific) videos will follow! (cg) (Translation: dr)

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