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13.May 2018
Achim Pankalla (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: ignition and ODS add-on updated
Achim Pankalla writes: After more than a year of working, the beta 5 of the spreadsheet "ignitionOS4" is now available on the Sourceforge pages. The most important innovation of this version is the print routine, which now easily brings graphics and diagrams to paper. In addition, the print margins are also considered.

Furthermore, two errors in the diagram modules were corrected and some mathematical functions adapted in their behavior to those of the standard applications, so that the import of foreign formats works better. Also some minor and major errors have been removed from the program. The installation now also includes the alternative icon set and a translation into French. The revised manual is now available in English.

Parallel to the release of igntionOS4, the add-on ODS gets a functional update. Now the module takes over the positioning of the data in the cell in the horizontal and vertical when loading and storing. In addition, within the possibilities of ignition, the cell frames are also converted.

The add-on requires at least Ignition 1.0 beta 4 and AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. It can load and save documents in ODS format. This format is used by Libre and OpenOffice-Calc, but can also be exported and imported by other spreadsheets. The add-on is still a "beta" version!

The author requests to not keep bugs and wishes for functional enhancements of the programs to oneself, but to simply contact him. This is not only possible via e-mail, but also via the OS4Welt forum, where is a support page. He also wants to thank everyone who supported him with such feedback and of course his beta testers!

The new version of the add-on can be found on Aminet or OS4Depot as well as on Sourceforge at the title link. (snx)

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