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Andreas Rösner (ANF)

Game: Official update for Worms DC announced (update)
Andreas Rösner wrote: On Facebook Andy Davidson, who is the developer of original Amiga version of "Worms: The Director's Cut", has announced that after about twenty years the game will be updated.

Bei Worms DC is the successor of the initial version of Worms. Compared to it the game already uses the AGA chipset of the Amiga 1200 and 4000. Until today the game and its successors are very popular.

Worms DC offered a variety of opportunities of modding which meant much more than only creating new levels. This develops into a kind of popular sport among Amiga users and therefore many years after the release of the game new levels and extensions have been released by users.

Update: (11.06.2018, 00:15, cg) reader Mario Cattaneo has collected the information about the project available on facebook and supplied it to us. The developer is answering a few users' questions over there, and posted two screenshots aswell as a photo of his development machine: will this be released as a patch only or will the whole game be freeware?

Andy Davidson: More details about that later, but hopefully the latter. I want as many people who still love the Amiga to be able to enjoy it as possible :)

Will the unimplemented CD-ROM feature that plays the FMV sequence from the MS-DOS, PlayStation and CD32 versions of Worms be included with this release?

Andy Davidson: I will look into it after I’ve got the game options done, but this is something of a memory test! It’s sort of like riding a bike but scrolling through the code part of me is amazed I did this in the first place haha

There was a bug on my release copy that meant that options set weren’t saved properly... most notable after switching on JAMIE AND HIS MAGIC TORCH or CHORLTON AND THE WHEELIES options ;) I assume they will all save properly now? ;)

Andy Davidson: Yep, that was a silly bug.

Hey Andy, I've got a question: What title will this new version have? Worms DC: 1.5 or Worms DC: 2 (or maybe other)? Thank you for an answer.

Andy Davidson: 1.5 I think. Unless more stuff goes in, but I am a bit rusty! (snx) (Translation: dr)

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