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R1200: Replica of A1200 motherboards almost completed
Since June John 'Chucky' Hertell, who already recreated Commmodore's processor board A3640, has been working on a replica of the Amiga-1200 motherboard of revision 1D4 which he named "R1200". Hertell will sell some of the self produced boards  - but all documents can be downloaded so other users can also produce boards.

In the first process of priduction a working board without too many modifikations will be made:
  • instead of a RF modulator a VGA port (15 Khz) is available
  • one additional S-Video port
  • PCMCIA-Reset-Fix
  • Power ports for fans or the like next to the IDE port and to the expension port
  • A500 compatible keyboard port next to the Joystick port
30 of those boards already have been ordered. Documents for this version as well as for an unchanged A1200 motherboard are supposed to be published on Sunday.

Hertell does not exclude the possibility of reworking the design but first will change from the current board designer "Sprint Layout" to a more appropriate program like Eagle or KiCad. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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