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New graphics board drivers: Enhancer Software Graphics Upgrade
A-EON has announced the immediate availability of the "Enhancer Software Graphics Upgrade" which is a supplement to the Enhancer package. The upgrade offers 2D and 3D drivers for "Radeon RX" graphics boards with Polaris chipset. Besides, Warp 3D - the "Nova" as well as the clasic version - now can address more than 256 MB graphic memory.

What is included:
  • RadeonHD version 3.6 driver
  • RadeonRX version 1.11 driver
  • Warp3D Nova 3D Driver for RadeonRX
Enhancer Software version 1.x as well as a supported Radeon-HD or Radeon-RX graphics board with Southern Island/Oland or Polaris-Chipsatz are required. Currently the RX driver only works with the X5000 or the announced A1222/Tabor - other systems obviously require a firmware upgrade. A Sam460 does not show any BIOS output using the latest U-Boot version but boots without any problems AmigaOS if the RX driver is installed.

In a discussion on Amigakit explained that for customers of the "Plus" edition of Enhancer about 35 Euro have to be paid, owners of the standard edition have to pay about 44,50 Euro (plus taxes and charges of the online biller service). Purchasers of the package will get "a licence" for the announced second generation of the "Enhancer Software" package. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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