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Relec Hard- & Software (ANF)

Dealer: Relec reworked website
The Swiss dealer Relec has reworked its website. Relec was founded in 1996 to close a gap in the French speaking part of Switzerland and countries of the same language. An English-language version of the website will follow.

Official press release:

"On March 15, 2019 we put online the new version of the site, completely redesigned with the precious help of our graphic designer Tcherno. From the beginning, our objective was to facilitate and simplify navigation, provide better visibility of our product range and simplify ordering operations. On the other hand, the migration of the Joomla site to Wordpress has made it easier and more efficient. We hope you will find this new version more modern and user-friendly. We wish you a lot of fun using our new tool and thank you for your trust and loyalty. We are doing everything we can to improve this tool but we are not free from errors and other defects. We are therefore staying tuned and thank you for reporting bugs!

About Relec:
Created in early 1996, Relec was born from the difficulties faced by the Amiga at that time, combined with the cruel lack of suppliers for this machine in French-speaking Switzerland and in French-speaking countries. With a minimal infrastructure, RELEC tries to provide current and "offline" products.

Soon an english version will be available!
Tank you, Team Relec" (snx) (Translation: dr)

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