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28.Apr.2019 (Forum)

Report and video of Amiga prototype "Zorro" (Update)
Under the title link Eric Hill has reported on his recently purchased Amiga development system. According to his information, this prototype was named "Zorro" and is a later variation than "Velvet". Commodore did send it to Hewlett-Packard hoping that the company would support it but it would not. In spring 1985 a private person bought it from HP.

The main differences in comparison to the ordinary Amiga (1000) as Eric Hill found out:
  • Commodore logo instead of Amiga checkmark on the case
  • Commodore keys inbstead of Amiga keys
  • No signatures on the inside top cover of the case
  • Custom chips Portia (instead of Paula) and Daphne (instead of Denise) as well as an early Agnus version
The computer used a Kickstart disk version 29.11. A video complements the report.

Update: (07:29, 05.05.19, snx)
As it turned out meanwhile, the disk has been overwritten by the previous owner with Kickstart 1.2. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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