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AmigaLife (Webseite)

Amiga Demo Launcher v1.6b
The demo group Resistance presents their first public (beta) version of the Amiga Demo Launcher.

Amiga Demo Launcher (ADL) is an application to replay executable file demos from a playback queue.

Some featues:
  • Replays many old OCS file demos on an AGA Amiga with a 68060 CPU
  • Single playback queue entries can be also created directly
  • Supports a reset device which is connected at the serial port of your Amiga, it counts down a given playtime and does a hardware reset if it reached the end value. After that, the next demo will be fetched out of the playback queue and get played
For more information, read the AmigaGuide file which is included within the archive.

Download: RSE-ADL16b.lha (9 MB) (snx)

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