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10.Jul.2019 (Webseite)

Shooter: Shogo - Mobile Armor Divison 1.9
For Hyperion's port of the first-person shooter "Shogo: Mobile Armor Division" another update has been released:
  • Added: Screenshots can now be taken with the F8 key. (PNG, if installed png.datatype supports saving, otherwise IFF)
  • Added: The Shogo Launcher and Multiplayer GUI has now catalog support
  • Added: Shogo, the launcher and the guide are now translated to German and Italian. (Thanks to Helmut Haake and Samir Hawamdeh for their work)
  • Added: The screenblanker is now be deactivated while the game is running
  • Added: Intro with much better quality
  • Fixed: Minor bugfixes in the Shogo launcher and the game itself
Registered customers can get the update for free in the download section of Hyperion's website. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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