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Aminet-Uploads until 10.08.2019
The following archives have been added to Aminet until August 10th, 2019:            biz/dbase  8.6M  MOS Manage your favorite collections
RoxBox.lha               comm/misc  2K    68k Ancient BlueBoxing tool
GTS-BD4A.lha             demo/mag   428K  68k Braindamage Issue #4 by Giant...
WormWars.lha             game/actio 857K  68k Advanced snake/Tron game
WormWarsMOS.lha          game/actio 927K  MOS Advanced snake/Tron game
WormWars-OS4.lha         game/actio 1.1M  OS4 Advanced snake/Tron game
F1GP2019Carset.lha       game/data  24K       2019 Carset for F1GP
Deserted_House_68k.lha   game/text  4.6M  68k Text adventure with GUI
Deserted_House_AROS.lha  game/text  3.7M  x86 Text adventure with GUI
Deserted_House_MOS.lha   game/text  3.6M  MOS Text adventure with GUI
Deserted_House_OS4.lha   game/text  3.9M  OS4 Text adventure with GUI
Deserted_House_WOS.lha   game/text  3.9M  WOS Text adventure with GUI
Tacos.lha                mods/8voic  78K      6ch Noche De Tacos Mexican Sl...
Valhalla.lha             mods/8voic 1.5M      6ch Vikings Of Valhalla by HK...
lcdf-typetools.lha       text/font  3.0M  MOS LCDF Typetools
t1utils.lha              text/font  211K  MOS Manipulate PostScript Type 1 ...
TinyLauncher.lha         util/misc  111K  68k WHDLoad frontend and more
InstallerLG.i386-aros... util/sys   97K   x86 Commodore Installer replacement
InstallerLG.ppc-morph... util/sys   128K  MOS Commodore Installer replacement
InstallerLG.src.lha      util/sys   1.4M      Commodore Installer replacement
LilCalendar.lha          util/time  9.1M  x86 Versatile calender and remind...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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