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Aminet-Uploads until 17.08.2019
The following archives have been added to Aminet until August 17th, 2019:
rexxforum_051.lha        comm/www   32K       Simple forum for gW3S ARexx w...
CS-Restyling.lha         demo/misc  478K  68k 2013+2015 restyled old school...
wla_dx_v9.9.lha          dev/cross  2.8M  68k 8-bit CPU Cross Macro Assembl...
HWP_Polybios.lha         dev/hwood  22M   MOS The ultimate PDF tool for Hol...
WormWars.lha             game/actio 857K  68k Advanced snake/Tron game        game/actio 688K  x86 Advanced snake/Tron game
WormWarsMOS.lha          game/actio 927K  MOS Advanced snake/Tron game
WormWars-OS4.lha         game/actio 1.1M  OS4 Advanced snake/Tron game
tictactoe.lha            game/board 642K  68k It is my simple game in my 1s...
napalm_update1.4.lha     game/patch 74K   68k Update for Napalm 
nightlong-update-1.2p... game/patch 235K  WOS Update for Nightlong PPC
nightlong-update-v1.2... game/patch 121K  68k Update for Nightlong 68K
Simon2Upd5.lha           game/patch 525K  68k Update patch for Simon the So...
T0v1_01.lha              game/patch 355K  68k Update for T-zer0
TinyInvaders.lha         game/shoot 1.7M  68k SPACE INVADERS poor clone in ...
AmiVms.lha               misc/emu   2.9M  68k Simulates OpenVMS commands
BootPicture.lha          util/boot  33K   68k Show pictures + play sounds d...            util/boot  5K    68k Configure DOS windowd from Bo...
tree-mos.lha             util/dir   116K  MOS Display a tree view of direct...
SMRMag2Theme.lha         util/dopus 1.1M  68k My Magellan II theme
TaiwanMOS.lha            util/sys   1K        Taiwan country for MorphOS an...
desaddamv10b.lha         util/virus 10K   68k SADDAM Virus killer & disk re...
DockBot.lha              util/wb    248K  68k A program launcher for OS 3.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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