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Aminet-Uploads until 05.10.2019
The following archives have been added to Aminet until October 5th, 2019:
AFnews-68k.lha           comm/news  851K  68k Amiga Future Everywhere 68k
AFnews-OS4.lha           comm/news  1.2M  OS4 Amiga Future Everywhere Amiga...
MCC_TextEditor-15.53.lha dev/mui    869K  MOS TextEditor custom class for MUI
Office_Test.lha          dev/mui    231K  MOS Demo program for office.mcc
F1GP2019Carset.lha       game/data  25K       2019 Carset for F1GP
Atomulator.lha           misc/emu   3.2M  MOS Emulator of an Acorn Atom
Flac133_a68k.lha         mus/misc   429K  68k Free Lossless Audio Codec
Flac133_Aros.lha         mus/misc   1.9M  x86 Free Lossless Audio Codec
AmigaAMP3.lha            mus/play   1.7M  OS4 Multi format audio player wit...
AmigaAMP3-68k.lha        mus/play   376K  68k MPEG audio player with GUI
SysInfo.lha              util/moni  53K   68k Classic Amiga System Informat...
UserMenus.lha            util/wb    2.7M  68k User defined menus for Wanderer
WebRadio_sbar.lha        util/wb    85K   MOS A sbar plugin to listen to We...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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