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Michael Rupp (ANF)

Javascript: TAWS - The Amiga Workbench Simulation 0.32
TAWS ("The Amiga Workbench Simulation") is a Javascript simulation of the Amiga-Workbench 1.0 - 4.1FE for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Apple-WebKit-Browser (including Odyssey). Any kind of feedback the author Michael Rupp would very appreciate. His work can be supported by a donation from inside TAWS.

Version 0.32 provides the following changes:

  • Tribute to AmiKit XE:
    • new Presets "OS 3.9 AmiKitX Dark"
    • new Presets "OS 3.9 AmiKitXE Retro"
    • accordingly adjusted boot animation
    • new window layout "3.9 AmiKit X Dark"
    • new window layout "3.9 AmiKit XE Retro"
    • new pattern "AmiKit X Backdrop Dark"
    • new pattern "AmiKit XE Backdrop Dark"
    • new pattern "AmiKit XE Backdrop Retro"
    • new pattern "AmiKit X Pattern Dark"
    • new pattern "AmiKit X Pattern Dark Reaction"
    • new pattern "AmiKit XE Pattern Retro"
    • new (blue) trashcan icon for the iconset "AmiKit X"
    Many thanks to Jan Zahurancik (AmiKit) for donating me a copy of AmiKit XE and granting the use of the graphics.
  • Complete czech localization - many thanks to Lagya Horky from
  • OS 4.0: miscellanious adjustments (incl. the requester icons) - many thanks to Carlo 'AMIGASYSTEM' Spadoni for his support.
  • Created version 2.0 of the Topaz-Fonts A500 und A1200 erstellt: added the special characters of the languages polish, czech and russian. No more need for the additional russian font.
  • Chrome: workaround for a change (or bug?) in its layout engine in one of the latest versions (+/- v77.0), which rendered all windows (except those with fuelbars) with bottom borders too large.
  • Performance increase when starting TAWS by using XMLHttpRequest() instead of img.onerror() when dynamically checking the existence of the elements of a window layout.
  • File size optimizations of some pattern images.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Firefox, Internet Explorere and MS Edge: correction of the horizontal gradients by 180° (AmiKitX's boot progress bar, vertical scrollbar of the palette's listbox).
    • smaller corrections of the window layout "OS 3.9 AmiKitX"
    • small layout correction when minimizing the prefs windows
    • DiskCopy: correction of a JavaScript error (bug since 0.30)
    • Keyboard navigation: if more than one GUI element is using the same shortcut, now only the first is executed.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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