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#amigazeux (ANF)

Screenshot screenbar-plugin 1.1
Screenshot.sbar for Ambient written by #amigazeux can save screenshots and offers a lot of options - e.g. the tool "can grab windows, entire screens or just a freely selectable portion of the screen", "can grab the mouse pointer too" and "can superimpose an editable text over taken screenshots".

Changes in version 1.1:
  • Fixed a serious bug that freed hotkeys twice and led to crashes when changing f.e. the MUI theme.
  • Images are saved using Reggae now, so screenshots can be saved in either PNG, JPEG, TIFF, IFF, IFFDEEP, SunRaster and RAW.
  • Added %x keyword which gets replaced by the suffix of the set image format (without the dot) for building the filename of a screenshot.
  • Added a corresponding menu item to "Quick Options" menu to select the image format for saving.
  • Added flat icons for Prefs and title bar to distribution. They can be found in Copy_To_Sys/Data/Screenbar/Screenshot.
  • Added an option to resize a taken screenshots using selectable image filters.
  • Will not block the audio hardware any longer in case some other program needs exclusive access to it.
  • AHI-Unit for playing sound is now configurable.
  • The iris effect will center on the selected grab area/window now.
  • Opacity of grabbed mouse-pointer is setable now.
  • Success/Error window now has a title.
  • Displays the dimension of the screen in "Grab Screen" menu item for the screen.
  • Displays positions and dimensions of windows in the corresponding menu for windows of a screen.
  • TestPaint: Fixed a bug in Dot tool that only drew the first mouse down event.
  • TestPaint: Added image loading/saving/resizing.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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