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AROS-Archives-Uploads until 08.02.2020
The following archives have been added to AROS-Archives until February 8th, 2020:
atomicbomberman.i386-aros... gam/act 1Mb   Atomic Bomberman Fan Rewrite
chromium.i386-aros.rar       gam/act 3Mb   Chromium port
criticalmass.i386-aros.rar   gam/act 4Mb   Critical Mass port       gam/adv 189Mb Platform Gl
pentagram.i386-aros.tgz      gam/adv 3Mb   Ultima VIII engine
beleagueredcastle.i386-ar... gam/boa 3Mb   solitaire card game
bingo.i386-aros.lha          gam/boa 6Mb   Bingo Machine
speeddreams2.i386-aros.tgz   gam/dri 178Mb racing game gl
supermodel3.i386-aros.tgz    gam/dri 1Mb   engine for sega car games
d1x-rebirth.i386-aros.lha    gam/fps 2Mb   Descent Engine
d2x-rebirth.i386-aros.lha    gam/fps 2Mb   Descent II engine
odamex.i386-aros.lha         gam/fps 6Mb   open source engine for doom, doo...
openjk-ja.i386-aros.lha      gam/fps 5Mb   Jedy Accademy Port Open Source E...
openjk-jo.i386-aros.lha      gam/fps 2Mb   Jedy Outcast Port Open Source En...
stvoyhm.i386-aros.lha        gam/fps 1Mb   Elite Force Holomatch "Mult...        gam/pla 886kb OpenGL platform game with rotation.
soulride.i386-aros.lha       gam/spo 15Mb  soulraide opensource snowboard s...
ufoai-2.3.1-data.tar         gam/str 508Mb ufoai data files
amicloud_drawer.tgz          gra/ico 3kb   drawer icon style ken's
harmonyplayer_drawer.tgz     gra/ico 3kb   drawer icon style ken's
lilcalendar_drawer.tgz       gra/ico 3kb   drawer icon style ken's
openbor_drawer.tgz           gra/ico 3kb   drawer icon style ken's
fonttester.i386-aros.lha     gra/mis 2Mb   test the fonts installed in your...
vp.i386-aros.lha             gra/vie 2Mb   Picture Viewer
pgp5.i386-aros.tgz           uti/arc 222kb PGP With Gui
unrar.i386-aros.lha          uti/arc 2Mb   Unpack RAR files
led-20200202.tar.gz          uti/tex 14kb  A simple line-oriented text editor.         uti/tex 210kb Creates large text from ordinary...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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