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28.May 2020 (Webseite)

File manager: MCAmiga 0.5 for all Amiga systems (update)
Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow's MCAmiga is a file manager similar to Norton and Midnight Commander which additional to the mouse interface can be also completely controlled with the keyboard. MCAmiga is available for AmigaOS (m68k, PPC), MorphOS and AROS (x86, x64, ARM). The program at least requires 4 MB RAM. According to the author the AmigaOS 4 version does not run on a X5000.

Changes in version 0.5:
  • video fixes
  • browse, copy, move, rename, view/edit in lha/lzx archives
  • browse, extract, view files from xad supported archive types
  • start executables by pressing (shift) enter
  • tools menu
  • now includes a build for 68000 CPUs
Hint of the editors: Obviously MCAmiga does not work with Vampire systems, due to the affinity of the Vampire team with operating system "Coffin OS" which also includes illegal copies. The corresponding error message is slightly misleading and suggests a incorrect detection of Coffin OS.

Update: (29.05.2020, 23:00, cg)

According to the author in the comments of his blog, he only forgot to remove the bloackade of the Vampire. The author wrote: "It was my try to point to a problem… seems not many people care.. so it became stupid and useless… therefore I decided a while before already to remove that." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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