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Programming language: AmiBlitz 3.7.4
The latest version of the programming language AmiBlitz only contains changes in the integrated development environment which is included in AmiBlitz:
  • added new tooltype "CURSORSTYLE" with styles "block", "line" and "underline"
  • added new tooltype / configuration setting "ASKBEFOREQUIT": before closing the ide, the ide asks before closing
  • added new doubleclick-feature: whenn doubleclick on a source word, all occurencies will be shown in label list window
  • added new search feature : when opening search-window, the current word is added to the search string gadget automatically
  • added new keyshortcut behaviour: ALT+UpArrow/DownArrow: move current line up/down
  • added new keyshortcut behaviou: CTRL+LeftArrow/RightArrow moved cursor to start/end of word
  • added package "NIB.include" from AmiNet for displaying icons
  • changed settings: set minimum screen resolution to 640x480 for screenrequester in ide-settings
  • changed eventhandling code of source window (partly converted from asm to ab3)
  • changed boundlines from 6 to 2 (cursor distance to top/bottom the source window starts to scroll up/down from)
  • fixed scolling issue when marking blocks with mouse while scrolling (was way to fast)
  • fixed calculation of viewable columns to use full window width of source window
  • fixed non-tokenization issue #7 at source files with uppercase fileextensions (*.AB3)
  • fixed display problem with more than 1GB available chip/fast memory
  • package fix: REDDebugger-file has now executable bit set (thanks to mdbergmann)
  • minor localization fixes
Direct download: (10 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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