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Amiga Bootblock Reader 4 (Windows)
Jason Smith's "Amiga Bootblock Reader" is a "Windows program which allows reading and writing Amiga bootblocks from Amiga Disk Files."

Changes in Amiga Bootblock Reader 4:
  • Now recognises 2166 different bootblocks
  • Brainfile / Category list now in XML Format to allow easy editing / import
  • Supports ADFs, DMS, ADZ (Gzipped ADF) and Zipped ADF files (DMS scanning requires XDMS)
  • Will now filter directory scan to only scan disk and bootblock files unless specified
  • Now supports sub directory scanning
  • Added 'Encyclopedia' of Amiga bootblock programs just for fun
  • Reworked GUI to allow for more options
  • Fixed lots of bad detection
  • Added 'Note' section to allow some bootblock description
  • Added indicator of Kickstart requirement and if disk data is needed for boot
  • Added function keys (F1
  • Scan new folder / F5
  • Rescan drawer / Space
  • Stop scan)
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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