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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Web-Browser Wayfarer 1.4 (Update)
Today version 1.2 of Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek's web browser Wayfarer has been released. Additional to some bug fixes, favicons, quick links and the support for WebP images has been implemented.

MorphOS 3.14 and 1 GB RAM are required. A processor with at least 1,5 GHz is recommended. For giving feedback please use the corresponding discussion on morphzone.

  • Implemented Quick Links
  • Implemented favicons
  • Enabled support for WebP images
  • Updated libcurl
  • Fixed blob: support
  • Fixed file name encoding and cookie issues in downloads
  • Fixed Bookmarks menus to show more depth levels
  • Fixed a crash on exit caused by the password autofill manager
  • Fixed a crash on exit in WebCore's fileapi
  • Fixed Copy image URL context menu function
Update: (22:46, 19.10.20, snx)
Meanwhile version 1.4 has been released, the additional changes can be found at the link above. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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