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Indie Retro News (Webseite)

Retro gaming: WHDLoad 18.6
Using WHDLoad, you can install games, scene demos and intros from cracking groups to your harddisk that were only working from floppy disks previously. Version 18.6 provides the following changes:
  • WHDLoad now disables interrupts of graphics cards under the Picasso96 software. This should solve problems with Spectrum cards and newer P96 releases (issue #2598). Thanks to Thomas Richter for providing useful information.
  • Manual translations are in sync again for catalan and czech.
  • Kickemu kick31.s can be instructed to load/init the custom nonvolatile.s via option INIT_NONVOLATILE.
  • nonvolatile.s now correctly works on searching nonexistent items in a existing nvram file
  • In kickemu kick13.s a waitblit has been added to avoid problems with the gfx.Text patch (Psygore).
  • The provided source keyboard.s now uses cia timers instead the raster beam for the keyboard acknowledge delay.
  • Access faults of size word to address -1 and of size long to addresses -3..-1 are now reliable detected and reported. In earlier releases: on 68030: when ExpMem was used these were undetected, on 68040: when ExpMem was used and vector base was not write protected (e.g. Freezer detected, Snoop*, resload_Protect used) these were undetected, if vector base was protected a fault inside WHDLoad was reported, on 68060: these were always correctly reported
  • To reduce the likelihood that resload functions get interrupted by other calls to resload functions, some resload functions which usually take not much execution time, have been changed to be not interruptible anymore. The following resload functions have been changed that way: Abort, SetCACR, FlushCache, Control, Protect#?, SetCPU, GetCustom, VSNPrintF and Log. In general the option NoResInt/S can be used to avoid problems with interrupted resload calls at the cost of possible sound/ graphics distortions when interrupts are disabled for a longer time.
  • The provided source sources/whdload/savegame.s is now fully pc-relative. It contains also additional fixes for interrupt acknowledge and AGA compatibility (JOTD/ross).
  • The inplace decruncher for the old RNC1 format has been improved to support files which need a larger distance (Heimdall/JOTD).
  • The kick31.s now prefers a A600 kickstart image if NO68020 is set. It fails now if there is only a 68000/010 and a A1200/A4000 kickstart image was loaded (JOTD).
  • When using kickfs.s the dos.library function Open(MODE_READWRITE) now performs correctly on Kickstart 3.1 by creating a non-existent file. On Kickstart 1.3 the old behavior remains to not create a file.
  • If a call to resload_Examine is attempted without the flag WHDLF_Examine has been set in the Slave structure WHDLoad now terminates with an appropriate error message (JOTD).
  • The kickemu kick12.s, kick13.s and kick31.s has been modified to automatically set the Slave flag WHDLF_Examine if HDINIT is set (JOTD).
  • When using resload_Relocate with tags CHIPPTR/FASTPTR and the specified chip/fast memory location would result in an overlapping with base executable WHDLoad now gives a useful error message (JOTD).
  • Instead of waiting for a long video frame WHDLoad now forces a long frame before starting the Slave. This fixes startup problems on Kickstart 3.0 and an interlace video mode (issue #4798).
  • MMU-table creation has been reworked. It is now faster and uses less memory.
  • Support for ACA-freezer added.
  • if "*" is specified for the Slave to load WHDLoad searchs the current directory for a file with the pattern "#?.slave" and will use the first file matching (Toni Wilen)
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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