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Aminet uploads until 31.10.2020
The following packages have been added to Aminet until 31.10.2020:
Shrinkler.lha            dev/cross  987K  MOS Shrinkler executable file com...
freealut.lha             dev/lib    714K  OS4 Free ALUT (OpenAL utility) li...
MorphOS_PRINTING.lha     docs/help  1.6M      Printing with MorphOS (Englis...
AtapiMagic.lha           driver/med 2K    68k Use 4 way IDE devices
F1GP2020Carset.lha       game/data  9K        2020 Carset for F1GP
JumpBesiJump.adf         game/misc  880K  68k Jump on platforms and dont fa...
Toki_is_not_dead-V3.lha  mods/xm    10M       Mod by Pseudaxos - Toki is no...
DeviceLoaded.lha         util/cli   9K    68k Checks wheter a device is loaded

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