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Little discourse on render-library
In our report about the game AmiBrixx we have attended the auhor Jörn Renkert on the fact that under usually an OS3 port of a Hollywood application requires a graphics card and therefore pushing a port for AGA Amigas.

Unfortunately we did not succeed in running the game on an Amiga1200 equipped with Blizzard 1230 and 128 MB FastRAM. All required libraries have been installed as mentioned by the author. Before this test, on the Amiga of our editor version 40.8 of the render.library was installed but disabled. Instead of it, version 30.0 was active. After even the last edited version released by the author crahed we did remember the previously disabled version 40.8 render.library.

After resetting the system to version 30.0, the game started without problems. We then found two diiferent versions of the library on Aminet:
  • Version 40.8, released in 2005, and
  • version 32.0, released this year.
Contrary to the information given there in the readmes, version 40.8 was written by Timm S. Mueller (e.g. graphics card picture viewer Mysticview), version 32.0 by Henryk Richter (e.g. author of the music player Eagleplayer). Getting more information about the different versions, we asked the authors for a statement. Kindly enough both oh them replied. Hendryk Richter has summarized it:

"Version 32 of the render.library are virtually identical to 30.0/31.0. After consultation with Timm, the version bump from 31 to 32 was done to merge the different versions of the v30 branch available on Aminet. Only a build for 68060 without FPU was added since the last upload. I do not know any program (68k) which requires a version >30 of the render.library.

The development branch V40 of the render.library was Timm's rewrite in C of the assembler version for providing the option of porting it to PPC platforms. As mentioned in the readme, this re-implementation the much slower on 68k Amigas with processor <68040. It is recommended to use V30-V32 with 68k."

After the installation of version 32.0, the game also worked fine. Therefore we do not only recommend version 32.0 for 68k Amigas - considering the crashes we must advise against this version 40.8.

On request of the author Timm S. Mueller explained that currently he is not going to deal with it again. (dr) (Translation: dr)

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